Beijing Kein Research Center for Natural Sciences provides various science research oriented paid services, as shown below. If you request these services, or want to consult details, or have any question, please feel free to contact us via keinsci[at] The center can issue formal invoice for the paid services. Both cash and Bank transfer are supported.

Bank Transfer Information
Bank China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd. Beijing Youth Road Branch
Account Name Beijing Kein Research Center for Natural Sciences
Account No. 110912034210201
Currency Yuan

Payment via PayPal, ZhiFuBao, Bank of China and ICBC(Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) are also supported.

  1. Outsourcing Studies
  2. Today, many research in chemistry, physics, material, biology and other fields require the support of theoretical computations to investigate problems more deeply. However, laboratory-based research groups often lack of researchers to perform the computational studies; even the research groups focusing on theoretical calculations, due to the limiation of knowledges, skills and experiences, certain calculations are unable to be completed. Currently we can undertake research tasks in quantum chemistry and molecular modelling areas. The form is relatively flexible, the fee depends on the difficulty, computational cost and some other factors. The details of the task should be sent to us via E-mail.

    For details, please consult Implementing rules and charging standard of Beijing Kein Research Center for Natural Sciences (In Chinese).

  3. Development and modification of Programs and Scripts
  4. Computer programs are indispensable in computational chemistry research. Unfortunately, there are often no existing or public programs to achieve the expected purposes. Besides, sometimes there are related programs, but cannot be directly used and thus need to be modified. Based on extensive research experience, we can develope or modify various kinds of computational programs and scripts according to the practical needs of researchers. The fee depends on the difficulty and length of the code.

  5. Training and Consultation of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
  6. In theoretical and computational chemistry research, if the researchers encounted complex problems, or the work cannot be carried out due to lack of necessary skills, knowledges and experiences, then we can provide services of study guide, answering questions, teaching related skills and knowledge. The fee dependes on the difficulty of the problems and duration of the services.

  7. Professional English Translation
  8. We can translate the computational chemistry related papers or chapters that written in English to Chinese.
    We can also translate the abstract written in Chinese to English to meet submission requirement of some journals.